Road Runner

Unmatched Experience


Staff expertly trained RN’s only for specialty pharmacy’s and physician practices to infuse high tech IV medications to client’s in the comfort of their homes. We also provide:

Peer-to-peer educational training

IV/SQ therapy training

RN to client instruction and training for a variety of specialty medications.

Coverage Areas


Who We Serve

Road Runner Specialty Group contracts directly with specialty pharmacy’s and physician practices across the country to provide their client’s with the most highly skilled, competent and experienced RN’s in the industry. On average, our nurse’s have over 10 years of clinical expertise with specialty IV medications and infusions ranging from monoclonal antibodies to IVIG.


We excel in the care of the complex chronic client who not only requires meticulous attention to detail but also a professional caring touch. Many of our staff have obtained advanced certifications (IgCN, CRNI, ONC) in relation to specialty infusions to show their commitment to their practice and to enhance their considerable knowledge base.


Road Runner Specialty Group also provides wellness consultation services for individual client’s seeking to maintain and or improve their health through a variety of services. With our in-house Medical Director, we offer telehealth consultations, IV hydration, vitamin supplements, nutrition counseling and other wellness services. We also have offer 1 on 1 fully customizable plans for anyone recovering from post Covid or long Covid symptoms.



Road Runner Specialty Group was established in 2012 with one employee and one contract. Founder and CEO Robin Belle, RN, IgCN, LNC took a leap of faith after leaving her previous employer of over 10 years and started her own healthcare staffing company. Fast forward to 2022 and RRSG now provides expertly trained RN’s to infuse hi-tech specialty IV medications to client’s in the comfort of their homes across the country.

With over 20 years of experience in business and the specialty pharmacy /infusion arena; Robin takes great pride in the expertise, diversity and compassion that her company espouses. As CEO of Road Runner Specialty Group, Robin has had the opportunity to work in many different capacities within the industry – Nurse Educator (BPL and Shire – now Takeda), IVIG product and marketing specialist, DON, and IV therapy instructor to name a few.

Robin is especially proud to have been an integral part of the 12-member team that crafted and wrote the national certification exam for IGNS (Immune Globulin National Society). The IgCN certification has become the gold standard for RN’s in this field and is sought out by specialty pharmacy’s to provide the highest level of care to their client’s.

Road Runner Specialty Group and Robin Belle, RN, IgCN, LNC continue to be active members of IGNS and advocate for RN’s to advance their practice with the IgCN designation.